Scarlet Hollow Coffee Shop AU Poster COMPLETE! Shipping Early November 2023

Scarlet Hollow Coffee Shop AU Poster COMPLETE! Shipping Early November 2023

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The ever-popular coffeeshop AU, Scarlet Hollow style. Look at them all, having a totally normal morning in the local themed cafe run by none other than Stella Scarlet Hollow herself, taking it easy over a steaming cup of java. Nothing bad has ever happened to anyone in this room, and the only stakes any of them will ever face are brief misunderstandings that can be talked out over a pastry. Hang this poster on your wall and immerse yourself in the wild fantasy of people having a normal one!
~From the hit horror game
Scarlet Hollow~
Posters are 18x24" and printed on archival-quality semi-matte stock.
Stretch Goals!
We're going to make these posters whether we reach the goal or not. Orders will ship in early November, and leftovers will be available on Abby Howard's TopatoCo shop! Scarlet Hollow Logo

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